The Shoulder Scenario

 Life can sometimes knock you off your feet. 

My husband just got shoulder surgery. It was a very serious procedure and he won’t be able to lift our daughter for at least three months. 

Our daughter is nineteen months old right now and you would think she would jump all over Daddy no matter what. But it is amazing how incredibly intuitive children can be. The second she saw Daddy in his sling she knew something was wrong. 

It’s been a week and she has not once try to wrestle Daddy. Instead she will just come up to him and cheerily say, “Hi Da!”

At the end of the day we will sit her on his lap and she will quietly watch “Peppa Pig” without moving around. She knows that Daddy is hurt. 

I learn more and more about my daughter each and every day. After this week I’ve realized how incredibly aware she is about what is happening around her and how Momma and Daddy are speaking with one another and handling life. 

As a family we have to encourage one another on a daily basis. I think thats one of the core qualities to our marriage. We know that anything is possible and that we need to encourage and lean on each other through thick and thin. 

So for the next few months it’s just me running everything. It’s exhausting but it’s going to be an incredible learning experience for us as a family. 

“God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle” so …. here we go… 




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