“A-Z With Frankie”- A PKU Friendly Learning Book


Hi everyone, 

Best wishes to you all this week. A lot has been happening in our household the last few months. So I am back at full speed. First I wanted to tell you all about our newest edition to Frankie’s PKU book series.

This is an amazing book for anyone who wants to learn about fruit and vegetables with their kids. It’s especially helpful for Vegan and Vegetarian families trying to count protein in their diet. 

Our doctor told us to help Frankie learn about protein in food as young as we can, so I read this to her all the time now. I hope you all can download the E-BOOK or buy the softcover copy or hardcover. Give it to a friend. Leave it at a doctor’s office waiting room! 

Spread awareness for the PKU community. We would all appreciate it more than you know!

In other exciting news we will also be releasing “Frankie’s London A PKU Friendly Adventure” this month!

“Frankie’s Malibu A PKU Friendly Adventure” “A-Z with Frankie A PKU Friendly Learning Book” and “Frankie’s London A PKU Friendly Adventure” (available this June 2017) are all available in the Blurb.Com bookstore. Hooray. 

Here is the link below. 


These books have been an amazing journey for our family to write for Frankie and we hope you can join us on this adventure. 

Be strong in the fight for PKU awareness!!!! 

Spread joy wherever you go!

And eat your Fruits and Vegetables. Your body will thank you for it!

Much Love To You Always-

Kacie Foos



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