Another Chapter…

“If you want to get anywhere in life you are going to have to read a lot of books”- Roald Dahl

My Dad is the most read person I’ve ever met to this day. Whenever you walk into his office there are five books open on his desk and more books laying on his floor as references toward some subject he is writing about. 

Before I can even remember, my Father read to me. One of my favorite photos is of me sitting on his lap reading a story to me. To this day he still reads to a local school every week. 

On average it takes 30 days to create a habit. What if you read one chapter a day for the next thirty days and that habit continued the rest of your life? Just think of all you could learn. It would open up an entire new world to you. If knowledge is power don’t we want to feel our most powerful each and every day? 

So the next question what should you start reading? Well, the challenge is a chapter a day for the next thirty days. My advice is to pick a book that each chapter you can take some sort of value into your next day with. After your first month change to whatever you want to but when you are setting a habit I would choose something that would inspire you to continue. A couple books I can recommend to you to start with are, 

John C Maxwell – “Winning with People”  (honestly anything from John’s reading list will empower you.) I’ve know John personally for many years and I can tell you he is a wonderful human being and if you haven’t read any of his books, pick one up today. You will love them.)

Paul and Billie Tsika- “Get Married, Stay Married” – If you are struggling with your relationship I would highly recommend this book. (Mike and I were married by Paul, and he is very relatable and you will take a lot from this book) 

What is your passion in life? If it’s film perhaps start with a Biography about a film maker you admire. Biographies are incredibly important. It’s important to read them because on thing is guaranteed that you will find in common with everyone. From Presidents, to the Rich and Famous, to Mother Theresa, what is that one thing? They all went through a period in their life where they had personal struggles. The second thing in common? They overcame those struggles to become who they are. 

I find with reading we become more compassionate toward others.

So tonight I challenge you to put down your cell phone. That “Words with Friends” game can wait. Pick up that book that you’ve been “Meaning to read” And read one chapter. Do that the following night. After thirty days… come back to this blog and write “what you read and what you learned from it. Or something you took from that book you could pass on to another.”

I will do the same. I will start a new book tonight and come back to this and comment on what I’ve been reading. I will also read one children’s book a day to my daughter and see what happens! It’s going to be amazing. 

Much love to you all and always stay inspired! We will talk April 1st!







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