Cotton Candy Sunday

Frankie’s Birthday is coming up and her party is going to be the theme of COTTON CANDY. It is PKU friendly! Our cotton candy machine that I ordered arrived on Saturday. It’s been raining like crazy here in Malibu so we’ve all been stuck inside most days.

Yesterday Frankie and I sat on the couch and watched the rain falling outside. She loved it. She would put her hand against the glass and try to catch the rain as it dripped down the outside glass. It was adorable. 

So much excitement and curiosity about the world outside. If we each practiced as much enthusiasm about the world around us I think we would all be happy and counting our blessings on a daily basis. Have you stopped and looked up at a tree lately. I mean really? Stop for a moment when you are outside next and just stare at a tree. Yes, you might look a little silly, but the more you look the more amazing it is. I mean it started from a tiny seed? 

Anyway, this past year I am thankful. Every day is an exciting challenge met with endless smiles from this little kiddo. Well, if you’ve been watching the news, our area has been kind of a mess from mud slides and roads closing from boulders. So we are stuck here for a little while. Although, while I write this, the rain has cleared and the sun is shining again! 

So last night during the wild rain, we decided to try out our new cotton candy machine. We ordered candy floss online, Pink Vanilla (CLASSIC), Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry. We made Pink Vanilla last night and found ourselves, eating COTTON CANDY in the rain on a Sunday night. 

We gave Frankie a little try. Her first time eating cotton candy. Honestly, it was amazing. Her whole face lit up from so much excitement and joy! Heaven was smiling down at our kitchen last night. 

I look back at the first year with Frankie and all the challenges we’ve been met with than I think, we were eating cotton candy last night at home, with our daughter. How amazing is that?! I have Faith that our life will be filled with more cotton candy moments with our daughter. 

I can’t wait for her party. Cotton candy for everyone! I hope everyone finds as much joy that day as we share every day with our Frankie. 




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