Let them eat cake…

Frankie’s birthday is coming up in March. It will be her first birthday. The “First Birthday Party” is certainly a huge milestone. I’m sure most parents can relate, but for Mike and I it’s a huge celebration for us making it through our child’s first year. I mean, wow. One year of raising our first child! That was crazy, amazing, and exhausting.

With Frankie’s diagnosis of Pku we have learned so much about ourselves as Parents and our Daughters unbelievable bravery and amazing spirit. I can’t even count how many blood tests, along with doctors appointments, and other testing.  But through it all she has the most unbreakable spirit.

She carries herself with a smile and curiosity about the world that is just so beautiful. She might be only turning one but I feel like I’ve known her all my life.

So the FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! Frankie is eating solid food now but obviously not adult food yet. She is a Vegan, but she can’t eat nuts, most legumes, Aspartame, or grains. Anything high in protein is out. Her body allows 6 grams of protein a day with KUVAN.

Kuvan is her medication that she takes that allows her body to process more protein. About thirty percent more protein than she would be able to eat if she wasn’t on Kuvan. Which sound’s crazy to you maybe, but for us 6 grams of protein is a huge number compared to 3-4 when arranging her daily meals.

Look at it this way, my daughter can eat “ONE EGG” that would be her daily allowance of protein. But she will never eat eggs. She will be on an extremely low protein diet all her life so eggs, are not options right now.

But what do you do? As her parent I am her advocate for her health, and we want to educate our friends on her diet. But since it’s her first birthday she won’t really be eating much of the food other than a small amount of what I have prepared for her in advance.

So out of respect for our daughter, we will serve both Vegetarian and Vegan options this year only. This is her day. So in the future she will be able to eat absolutely anything and everything at her parties. This year however we will bring a mix of food but no Meat.

Then came the decision on what to do for her dessert. Dear Lord Help Me… Cake? Do you have any idea how much protein is in cake? I’ve dreamed of the moment that she get’s to bury her face in cake and frosting. Growing up when I would attend my nieces and nephews first birthday that was always such a great moment. Would this moment be taken away from us? That’s fine if it is. Whatever is best for our daughter.

Guess what! We will have cake! WE will let them eat cake! cakes

I double checked with our Nutritionist and all is great!!!!! Protein Free! And there is Icing with No protein! She will have a gorgeous first birthday cake! The substitute for eggs in the recipe will be to use applesauce instead, and you are good to go!

We decided the theme of Frankie’s First Birthday Party, “Cotton Candy!” Also Pku Friendly! Just sugar after all.

As a Mom I want what’s best for our child. I understand she will never have a “Normal Life” because  she will have an “Extraordinary life!” We will do everything in our power that we make every day special for her. And this first birthday is going to be a celebration of her life.

Now to plan the rest of the party. Has anyone noticed how outrageous the price of balloons have become?!


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