The Playground

On Sunday’s after Church, Mike and I love to go to our local Farmer’s Market in Malibu. I highly recommend it if you are in town. Right now Brussel Sprouts are in season! Delicious! And oh my gosh the Hummus lady is the best. Try her garlic Hummus you will die. Also the flower bundle’s there are usually just $5 and they last for two weeks. I swear! He is the best, and also the sweetest man. 

Anyway, one of my favorite things about our local market is just a few steps away is our Malibu Country Mart where they have a fantastic playground area, surrounded by restaurants, shops, and Coffee Bean. I highly recommend Japanese Cherry Green Tea on Ice. It is so delicious! 


It can be intimidating to the new parent. I remember the first time I went to the playground I was so nervous. Frankie was so small and I thought, oh my gosh she’s gonna start crying and all the parents are gonna roll their eyes at me because they are gonna think I don’t know what I’m doing. Oh no, is some awful lady going to comment on me feeding Frankie out of a bottle. All these negative thoughts, NEGATIVE. I mean negative. You are a Mother! BE PROUD! Look at what you’ve accomplished! Don’t worry what other people think! You are amazing! Go out into the world and don’t worry so much. 

But that first time, I stressed. I had this huge packed bag with like three back up bottles, and ten diapers, and a million toys. I don’t think I had a shower in two days. But it felt so amazing to be out in fresh air. I thought people were looking at me, I felt unnerved by the Mother’s of twins that seemed like they had their live’s together with their minimum packed Hermes Bags, and perfectly groomed hair, often accompanied by help of some sort.

Now I am not trying to poke fun at all. Malibu is just full of character. Celebrities with Children, the wealthy come to play, nannies, and regular families. But wait, this is the great thing about the Playground. It’s just parents and kids really. 

And you know what is amazing about that, we are all the same. I look around and all the parents there are the same. We are all dealing with the same stress of keeping our children safe, happy, and healthy. And I think it’s wonderful. People you wouldn’t normally find yourself striking a conversation with, you find yourself laughing with over your child’s gleeful giggling on the swings.

I swear, playgrounds bring out the best in people. We always have the best time. It’s such a wonderful place to mingle and meet other families. All the kids’ run around so happily. And there is a convenient place to either caffeine up in eyesight of the kid’s or have a glass of wine if so inclined. 

It’s fantastic! My daughter absolutely loves this swings. She just laughs and laughs, and when she’s done laughing we know she is done. She loves watching all the other kid’s play and it’s truly one of the best things you can do for your young child. Get them out there and let them mingle. 

I know you want to keep them home and safe in your little orderly bubble. But seriously take them out for a walk and to the park! Enjoy this time together. They will love it! I swear she sleeps better at night as well. 

Get out into the world and go to the playground. It’s worth it! 


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