The Aquarium

On my birthday this year Mike took Frankie and me to the Aquarium of the Pacific. They were doing an exhibit on Sea Dragons. It was truly amazing. I don’t know your thoughts on Aquariums. I wasn’t really into the whole whale thing at sea world. I do like what they do for conservation, but now i guess the whale portion is officially closed so thats good. But I have to wonder what’s going to happen to those poor whales that can’t fend for themselves? Yuck.

In general, I LOVE AQUARIUMS. Any time I go to a new city and they have an Aquarium I go. My favorite by far was Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. If you are going to Chicago any time soon, in my opinion, it’s a must. Their exhibit for the Amazon is fantastic.

Anyway, we went to one of our Aquarium’s in Long beach called the Aquarium of Pacific. It’s great. This particular trip was extra special because we got to bring Frankie with us. I truly hope that she loves Ocean life as much as Mike and I do. I love scuba diving and snorkeling. Surfing! I used to surf all the time but I hurt my lower back so I’ve been out of the surfing game for a while but hope to get back into it again this summer. Since we live in Malibu Frankie will be a beach baby for sure.

Frankie absolutely loved it. If you have a small child bring them. Frankie was six months old when we brought her and it was nothing but smiles. It’s a very calming environment for them aside from the random squealing kid, or yelling parent.


This visit they had an amazing exhibition on Sea Dragons and Sea Horses. Did you know that Sea Horses mate for life? Also the Female sea horses lay eggs onto their Male Partners and the Male Sea horse will then keep them safe until they are born. Then, when the Sea Horses are born they are born completely independent. Those babies are on their own in that huge ocean! Frightening thought. Must be how parent’s feel on their child’s eighteenth birthday. 

Perhaps one of the reasons Sea Horses mate for life is that the Male carries his ladies children? Like he completely shares the pregnancy with her. I think that is a testament to any man’s character in general. Sharing the pregnancy? 


My husband for example, when I was pregnant he was truly a gentlemen. He was so kind and considerate to my needs. He never pushed me, or became overbearing, he was there for me if I needed him, but let me be independent as well. 

When I was seven months pregnant I was in a horrible car accident that I can’t get into now because it’s still pending lawsuit. I will say this, I was at a red light waiting when I was slammed from behind. But that’s all I can say. 

Then Mike and I when I was eight months pregnant were side swiped on the freeway coming back from San Diego. A second horrible car accident,  which again I can’t get too much into. But I will say this, when these things happen,you truly know who your partner is in this life. You know who your friends are. 

My Husband is my rock, and by very best friend. When you journey through this world you want to surround yourself with the people you love. And if you are reading this, and you feel alone, I promise you, you are never alone! But you have to get out and go find your passion and find those people that share your passion. 

That’s something I love about Aquariums, the closer you look the more you see. You find all these small amazing creatures. Then you take a step back and look at the Aquarium as a whole and it’s this amazing community. Every living thing inside serves a  purpose, from a shark to a shrimp. 

It’s a gorgeous world we live in. Don’t miss it. jellyfish


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