Say Hi… and wave at Momma

This week Frankie  has learned how to wave and say “Hi”. She also knows how to say, “Hi Momma and Dada” as well as “Bye Bye Dada” for when he leaves to go to work. I watch her in awe. She is my little hero. 

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. You can learn so much from your children. Not only do you see yourself in them every day but you find something new and extraordinary every day with them as well. She is amazing. She is everything. 

I check on her every night and lay my hand on her back while she sleeps to feel her breathing. When I feel her back moving up and down a huge sense of relief and thankfulness sweep over me from head to toe. 

Being a parent has been the most wonderful experiences of my life. It’s a gift, an honor, and I don’t take it for granted.

When you’re pregnant they advise you to take every test known to man kind. Doctors want you to prepare for the worst it seems. They want every problem to be known. A lot of joy can be sucked out during your pregnancy if you let it. I suppose that’s why the phrase was coined, “It’s tough being pregnant.” Because it’s the God’s honest truth. 

Pregnant women reading this, you are amazing! You are gorgeous! Hang in there you are doing great. 

Have you heard of the Nuchal Translucency scan? You go in-between the eleventh to fourteenth week. Basically they do an ultrasound and it measures the fluid in the neck for risk of Down Syndrome as well as see if they can depict any heart defect. That’s a simplified version.

They want you to be aware that it’s “Legal” to back out if you find out your baby isn’t “Perfect.” And by making the choice to continue your pregnancy after this test you can be further prepared by your decision. 

Go ahead. Get upset. Shake your head at me. Or nod yes with me. I don’t mind either way. 

Yes, I don’t agree with abortion under any circumstance. There are many, many reason’s why I don’t agree with abortion and I am not going to go into them. Just know that’s who I am.

When Mike and I went into the office that day, we had both agreed without question, that no matter what happens, our baby, was exactly who they are supposed to be. This ridiculous fear that they instill in you for nothing. Every baby is perfect in their imperfections. Every human being is unique. 

So I’m laying on the table and they start the ultrasound and their she is, though we didn’t know she was a she. She is sleeping and suddenly she wakes up lifts her hand and waves at us. The Nurse starts laughing and we are in awe. There is our child waving at us and for a while.  She then stopped for a moment. Then she waved again. After a moment, she rolled back over and went to sleep. 

Today when Frankie waved at me this amazing memory flashed into my head. I thought, do people know? Do they really know? How amazing this is?

They told us that everything came back normal. That we have this perfectly healthy baby. Honestly I wasn’t even listening. They didn’t have to tell me anything. I didn’t care what they had to say. This twelve week old baby waved at their Momma. 

Frankie was born with PKU. Nothing prepares you for that. But such is life!

We are all unique. We are amazing. We are resilient. We are human. And we fight! We fight for our families and we fight for life. 

This gorgeous girl today waving at me with this huge goofy smile on her face I couldn’t help but think of those parents out there that decided to back away after whatever news those doctors gave them and it brought tears to my eyes. 

Listen to me, you are STRONGER THAN YOU THINK. Trust me! I know. 

God will not give you something you can’t handle. 

 Please never give up. Because there is a gorgeous waving nine month old smiling at you at the end of it all. 


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