Eczema? Awesome…

Welcome to Awesome town. I’m the Mayor. One of those towns where there’s always a rainbow because it rains a lot. 

No listen, I am thankful. I am thankful every day for the life I’ve been given. I’m thankful for my amazing husband and my gorgeous daughter. Let’s just say that luck isn’t always on our side. But we stay faithful in our love and faithful to God and just pray each day will get a little easier. 

It’s like that great phrase, “God doesn’t give you something that you can’t handle.” Well I think God must think Mike and I are made of steal or something. 

So a couple months after Frankie was born we noticed a little skin irritation. Frankie was born with PKU if you haven’t read my previous blogs. So when she was having her weekly appointment at her Pediatricians office I showed it to him. At first we thought it was just a minor skin irritation. Dry skin perhaps. Let’s just put lotion on it. 

Each bath I would scrub and put lotion after. Nothing. It was over a month when she got a couple other patches. One on her shoulder and one behind her leg. One of the amazing side effects of PKU we came to find out is Eczema!!! Not uncommon in babies at all. But unfortunately our baby has plenty of other things to deal with then this “BS”. 

I tried everything. I mean this girl has been lotioned up!!!!! Our doctor recommended trying Eucerin. Sorry Doc. I mean weeks and weeks are going by and nothing. So here it is. 

One of Frankie’s Angel’s her Aunt Leslie used to be an RN. She also is a Mother of Four. On a visit to her house over Thanksgiving she gave me this. resinol

Sorry It’s a little blurry. But it’s called Resinol. She gave it to me because she swore it was the best Diaper Rash cream on the planet. You don’t argue with a woman with four kids. You just say thank you. 

So during Mike and my battle with Frankie’s skin Mike thought out loud to me, “Hey honey, why don’t we try that amazing butt cream Leslie got us?” 

I thought. Why not?! I mean we have tried everything else right?!

So here it is folks. Combine AVEENO BABY ECZEMA TREATMENT and a little bit of RESINOL on those patches. If the patch is bad just put a big slab of Resinol on there until it starts to go away. I put on Aveeno all over Frankie after her bath’s anyway. But start with a patch of Resinol on those spots and decrease as it disappears. I’m not kidding. This stuff is a miracle! 

We have next to no problems since! Any time we see a patch about to start we slab this on her and it’s gone. No matter what I still use Aveeno Baby Eczema on her after she baths. But this is the answer to the patches that show up. 

This stuff is legit! So that’s my little tip! Oh and for diaper rashes this is the “ONLY STUFF TO USE” not kidding. Best stuff ever. So thanks Leslie! You are the best! 


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