We Vaccinate

Okay, lets start by saying we are a pro-vaccine family. BIG TIME! We are in the worst Measles Epidemic in over twenty years. Measles. That is total nonsense to me. It has also been Scientifically proven that there is absolutely no link with Autism to Vaccinations. In fact the doctor who conjured up this ridiculous theory, Andrew Wakefield, has lost his license to practice medicine in the U.K.

Needless to say I don’t know what your thought process is on vaccinating your child but I truly believe the GOOD outweighs the BAD. But sometimes, bad things happen, and in our case we had something bad happen.

We went in to our Pediatrician for Frankie’s Six Month shots. Flu shot is included. Frankie acted a little irritated that day but nothing to be concerned about. But the next day she was spastic. That night trying to get her to sleep was impossible. She couldn’t stop moving. At one point she looked at me with her Big Brown Eyes and I could tell something wasn’t right. So I started to text Mike at work concerned she was having a seizure. I had read one of the side effects of PKU was seizures so that’s immediately what had popped into my head that was happening.  He told me what seizures look like and Frankie didn’t seem to be fitting that description correctly. Looking back,  I should have just trusted my Motherly instinct and just and taken her to the Emergency Room to rule anything out.

In fact my advice to any parent, if you don’t know what is happening don’t wait just go. Let the professionals do what they do best.

So, I gave her some Baby Tylenol and she went to sleep. The next morning Mike and I took her to our Pediatrician and he said she was more than likely struggling with Muscular seizures. If we would have taken her to the Emergency Room they can give her medicine to stop it. I was horrified. How could I have ignored this behavior. Our Doctor assured me I was fine and that she seems totally fine but recommended for us to take her to see a Pediatric Neurologist just to rule out Epilepsy.

Great. More testing for our daughter who has had nothing but doctors appointments, and blood tests from the moment she was brought into the world. But yes, of course we would take her. She is our daughter and we will do anything and everything to protect her.

So we went, and they recommended that we do a test for forty-eight hours. We had to have her hooked up to twenty-four electrodes that they put against her head and bandaged her like a mummy. Also two wires were connected to her chest to monitor heart rate. The wires all collect to a unit that we carry with her everywhere, as well as a camera unit that was ENORMOUS in this roller suitcase to record her activity. WE would carry the camera in every room and set it up.

YOU DON’T SLEEP. I couldn’t let her leave my side because she could choke herself with wires. It was physical torture. It was truly one of the worst experiences of our life. When Mike got home on the second day from work I broke down crying because Frankie was screaming and trying to pull out the wires. He called our doctor and they agreed they had enough hours for the study.

We then had to take off her bandage then each wire which was glued to her head and two to her chest. She screamed crying. After we had to give her a bath to wash off all the gunk on her head, we put her in her pajamas, and gave her a warm bottle. She almost instantly fell asleep from exhaustion. After we laid her into her crib we stayed up all night horrified.


A couple of weeks later we received the results and we could officially rule out epilepsy.

During that time we found out that the Flu Shot is cultivated in Egg Whites. All though the shot itself doesn’t have protein in it somehow it had caused some kind of chemical reaction. It was as if Frankie had received strait Protein in her body. Her muscular seizures were caused from a  severe reaction to her levels shooting to the sky. We went to our Metabolic Team at UCLA and they told us they hadn’t heard of such a reaction from the Flu Shot from their PKU patients.

We were dumb founded. But then we did our research and discovered that PKU is an ongoing discovery. Every case is different.  Not all babies have the reaction our daughter had. We were angry though. We were angry that we weren’t at least warned that the Flu Shot was cultivated in Egg Whites when everyone knew our daughter has an intolerance to Protein.

But something we have learned is that getting angry doesn’t solve anything. For every problem there is a solution. We WILL vaccinate our child. We will protect her in every way we can. So the answer we found? There is a “NASAL Flu Vaccination”. In 2016 they did not manufacture it, however, our Pediatrician said that will again. So until they do Frankie will not be receiving that particular vaccination.

We are thankful. We are thankful every day that we have this amazing girl. This was a learning experience for us and we take everything that comes our way with the attitude that we WILL get through it. There will be some tears, but we WILL GET THROUGH IT.


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