Breast isn’t always Best…

So, our sweet daughter Frankie has PKU. That is established. That is really what my blog is about. To spread awareness of this metabolic disease as we navigate ourselves through the world that we live in. 

I am a new parent. Nine months and a few days into the world of Motherhood.

We had never even heard of PKU until we were leaving the hospital and a terrifying nurse with a  mask on her face, (FOR NO REASON), walked into our room, with not even a hint of kindness in her voice and said, you can’t leave. Your baby failed one of her screenings she has to stay for more testing. 

From excitement, in an instant, to fear. FEAR. FEAR. 

What’s PKU? Is our baby going to die? What is happening? 

My baby never latched on. She just wasn’t into the whole Boob thing. Every nurse and their mother tried to shove my boob in her face. Tears and frustration later an angel appeared in the form of a “Lactation Consultant” Sweetest woman on earth. Flat out told the nurses to buzz off, brought in a pump, and our baby couldn’t be happier on earth to get Momma’s milk. Little did I know my milk was hurting her. 

You see there is Protein in Momma’s milk. So the more milk she was getting the higher her Tyrosine levels were raising which can cause serious damage.

Let’s skip to six months later shall we. 

Kid’s birthday party. One of my husband’s coworkers invited me to her sons first birthday party. I went with Frankie and we were sitting on a couch. I was feeding her from a bottle. Lost in my own world another Mother came in with her child who started playing on the floor. 

No “Hi.” “How are you?” “How do you know… so and so….” Strait to. “THAT’S BREAST MILK RIGHT?”

I looked over at her. What was going through my mind? WE have had that same comment thrown in our face three other times since Frankie was born. Strangers, throwing that comment like hurling vomit on your brand new shoes. 

I couldn’t take it any more. I’ve been polite. I’ve been patient. I’ve prayed. I had HAD IT. 

“No, it’s a metabolic formula especially designed for my daughter because she has a disease called PKU.” the second it all left my lips I felt gross. I don’t owe anyone an explanation to what I am feeding my child? Also this is my families personal business. It’s not hers. I don’t know this person. 

Needless to say, she didn’t even say a word. She picked up her kid and left. I’m guessing she probably felt a little odd after my response. 

Enough was enough though. So if you are reading this. BREAST ISN’T ALWAYS BEST. So please please please LET IT GOOOOOO! This whole boob out to the world nonsense. Everyone is different. Every baby is different. It’s not a fight. It’s not an argument. Let’s keep our good grace and comments to ourselves. There are many reason’s why people don’t breast feed. Some people simply choose NOT to breast feed. That is their choice. 

If you breast feed your child. You are amazing! Way to go! If you don’t breast feed? You are amazing! Way to go! You do what you need to do to keep your child healthy and happy! 

I was adopted, I was an Enfomile baby, and guess what? I have no allergies. Not one! My daughter has PKU. She will drink a special formula her whole life to help replace the valuable nutrients she needs that she doesn’t receive from a protein diet. 

So Lady, whoever you are, and the other weird people who throw comments at people feeding their babies from bottles. If you don’t have something nice to say… don’t say anything at all. And if you have to say something, maybe say, “Congratulations on that amazing child!” Because I know from this experience any source of encouragement goes a LONG LONG WAY. 



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