It’s January 2nd, and our daughter started crawling last night. She saw a purple ball, really wanted it, and she began to crawl to it. We caught it all on camera. I started crying with joy. I was so overwhelmed by how proud I was watching her do this monumental act. I told her yesterday afternoon, “Frankie, when you start crawling and walking, the whole world is yours.” Last night, the crawling began. And the world to her last night, was that purple ball that she really wanted. 

The world is a big, amazing, gorgeous place.

In the beginning God created the world, and the world was good. There was a man called Adam, super lonely, so God gave him this incredible woman called Eve. They had this amazing garden filled with life, vegetation, animals, happiness, clean water, fish, everything we would ever want. So it’s not super clear if Adam and Eve were eating the animals at that time but I would guess that they were. Not sure though. I mean until Eve ate that fruit from the tree who knows. But I will tell you this, God gave us certain animals for us to eat right? 

I know so many people will disagree with that statement, but I was raised in the great state of Washington in the Pacific northwest. My parents were both raised in Idaho, you hunt, you fish, and you eat it. After all even Jesus multiplied fish for everyone to eat didn’t he? Jesus himself was a fisherman at one point. Jesus ate meat and fish. It’s okay everyone! Eat Meat and Fish if you can. You will like it. 

PKU is a genetic Metabolic Disease which doesn’t allow the body to process Protein. That is PKU in a nutshell. That is the simplest way to describe it. And I will get into the full details of PKU in another blog, but let’s just warm you up to this idea? You can’t have protein. EVER.

We were packing to leave the hospital on Frankie’s fourth day in the world when she was diagnosed. We had a complete and total meltdown, I mean who wouldn’t? We had never even heard of PKU. What is PKU? She can’t eat Protein? That’s impossible? 

Today, Nine Months and a few days later, I have this insight into PKU disease that I would like to share. I believe in God. I believe in God without question. I think there is a reason for everything and we have to trust God and lean on him to get us through whatever life throws at us. We all have our own private battles we face that come in every form. For Frankie this lifelong battle will be PKU.  So here is the insight I’ve come to about PKU disease. 

God created the earth, and all the creatures on it. I always thought he created some of them to eat right? God is so perfect in all of his creation down to the purpose of a bumble bee that he didn’t miss a step with Frankie right? For her to get this horrible disease. I mean FOOD! She will miss out on a filet? Or Ahi? Almonds? Cheese? The list is endless. This calm came over me one day in my many arguments I was having with the Big Man. And I had this gorgeous calm understanding in the beauty of who Frankie and the PKU community are. 

God created these unique and perfect individuals so that they will never eat a living creature as long as they live. He chose Frankie to be a protector to every type of animal. He chose her. 

There is balance in this world. This perfect balance. Frankie will never ever eat an animal. To me that is amazing. There is something so pure and beautiful about that. Frankie is everything to us. She is this wonderful, amazing, child, that we learn from every day. I realized what an incredible gift to the world she is. She will be one, amongst many in this world who don’t eat any creature on this earth ever. Don’t worry she won’t miss out. I will make sure she grows up to understand how significant and important to this world that she is.

Our beautiful, amazing, sweet, and incredible daughter Frankie. 

Speaking of Frankie, I should go now because she is using  her new found crawling skills right now toward our Christmas Tree. 


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