“A-Z With Frankie”- A PKU Friendly Learning Book


Hi everyone, 

Best wishes to you all this week. A lot has been happening in our household the last few months. So I am back at full speed. First I wanted to tell you all about our newest edition to Frankie’s PKU book series.

This is an amazing book for anyone who wants to learn about fruit and vegetables with their kids. It’s especially helpful for Vegan and Vegetarian families trying to count protein in their diet. 

Our doctor told us to help Frankie learn about protein in food as young as we can, so I read this to her all the time now. I hope you all can download the E-BOOK or buy the softcover copy or hardcover. Give it to a friend. Leave it at a doctor’s office waiting room! 

Spread awareness for the PKU community. We would all appreciate it more than you know!

In other exciting news we will also be releasing “Frankie’s London A PKU Friendly Adventure” this month!

“Frankie’s Malibu A PKU Friendly Adventure” “A-Z with Frankie A PKU Friendly Learning Book” and “Frankie’s London A PKU Friendly Adventure” (available this June 2017) are all available in the Blurb.Com bookstore. Hooray. 

Here is the link below. 


These books have been an amazing journey for our family to write for Frankie and we hope you can join us on this adventure. 

Be strong in the fight for PKU awareness!!!! 

Spread joy wherever you go!

And eat your Fruits and Vegetables. Your body will thank you for it!

Much Love To You Always-

Kacie Foos


Houdini Baby

IMG_4834Okay, this morning I put Frankie in her ExerSaucer and went back into our bedroom. I’m not going to lie to you, in the morning I buy another 15-20 minutes of sleep by putting on Mickey Mouse Club and letting her play. Being a parent is exhausting and sleep is precious any way we can get it.

Well this morning I put her in, went into the bedroom. Snuggled up in bed, went to check my phone, then the door opens and my daughter crawls in and says “hi!!!!!!!!”

I mean the proudest and loudest “Hi!!!!!!!!!!” you have ever heard a baby say. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe she was there. My little Houdini somehow climbed out of it. I came out to the living room with her to play and I just stared at it. I still to this moment typing this cannot figure out how she climbed out.

Frankie’s First birthday is the 28th. I can’t believe she is going to be a one year old.  I am so proud of who she is becoming. She is so sweet and brave. She gets her blood tested all the time because of PKU and even though she is always uncomfortable with  it afterwords she always smiles at her nurse Nicole.

She is so smart. HOUDINI baby, the escape artist, am telling you! She looks at me and smile and then will sneak off  looking back to make sure I’m following her. I just sit back and wonder what is going through her brain. What does she dream about?

I’ll tell you what I dream for her. I want her to have an amazing life full of adventure and love and friendship. I just want her to always be taken care of and live in a world of acceptance and that we could go to any restaurant on the planet and they would take care of her. I’m releasing my second book next month. Frankie’s London a PKU Friendly Adventure. 

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read “Frankie’s Malibu a PKU Friendly Adventure” it’s available to download on IBOOKS in the Apple Store or at BLURB.COM for your KINDLE or APPLE devices. Please download! The more ebooks we can sell, we can have more opportunity to work with larger publishing companies. We are trying to get these books available on print for kids to have in their schools, doctors offices, homes, everywhere you can think of. 

Much love to you all and I hope you are having the most amazing St. Patricks Day! Now I’m gong to go see if Frankie has figured out how to crawl out of her crib. My HOUDINI baby. 


Another Chapter…

“If you want to get anywhere in life you are going to have to read a lot of books”- Roald Dahl

My Dad is the most read person I’ve ever met to this day. Whenever you walk into his office there are five books open on his desk and more books laying on his floor as references toward some subject he is writing about. 

Before I can even remember, my Father read to me. One of my favorite photos is of me sitting on his lap reading a story to me. To this day he still reads to a local school every week. 

On average it takes 30 days to create a habit. What if you read one chapter a day for the next thirty days and that habit continued the rest of your life? Just think of all you could learn. It would open up an entire new world to you. If knowledge is power don’t we want to feel our most powerful each and every day? 

So the next question what should you start reading? Well, the challenge is a chapter a day for the next thirty days. My advice is to pick a book that each chapter you can take some sort of value into your next day with. After your first month change to whatever you want to but when you are setting a habit I would choose something that would inspire you to continue. A couple books I can recommend to you to start with are, 

John C Maxwell – “Winning with People”  (honestly anything from John’s reading list will empower you.) I’ve know John personally for many years and I can tell you he is a wonderful human being and if you haven’t read any of his books, pick one up today. You will love them.)

Paul and Billie Tsika- “Get Married, Stay Married” – If you are struggling with your relationship I would highly recommend this book. (Mike and I were married by Paul, and he is very relatable and you will take a lot from this book) 

What is your passion in life? If it’s film perhaps start with a Biography about a film maker you admire. Biographies are incredibly important. It’s important to read them because on thing is guaranteed that you will find in common with everyone. From Presidents, to the Rich and Famous, to Mother Theresa, what is that one thing? They all went through a period in their life where they had personal struggles. The second thing in common? They overcame those struggles to become who they are. 

I find with reading we become more compassionate toward others.

So tonight I challenge you to put down your cell phone. That “Words with Friends” game can wait. Pick up that book that you’ve been “Meaning to read” And read one chapter. Do that the following night. After thirty days… come back to this blog and write “what you read and what you learned from it. Or something you took from that book you could pass on to another.”

I will do the same. I will start a new book tonight and come back to this and comment on what I’ve been reading. I will also read one children’s book a day to my daughter and see what happens! It’s going to be amazing. 

Much love to you all and always stay inspired! We will talk April 1st!






The Race

I’m going to share with you a poem that has changed my life dramatically. My Father, Dave Severn,  read this poem to me. I recite these words to myself almost every day. “Get up, and finish the race!”

We all have tough days. We all face disappointment. We all have those days where we look to the sky and yell out, “Why God?!”

But we have to put our best foot forward and keep pushing into the future. We have to try. TRY. TRY AGAIN!!!!!

There is nothing in the bible that says, “This is going to be easy” 

Life is so hard some days I don’t even know how to pull through to the next. But I do. The days that are the hardest, often end with you being the proudest.

You say to yourself, “if I can make it through that, I can make it through anything.”

My daughter turned eleven months old yesterday. I thought back to the first day of her diagnosis. I remember feeling, HOPELESS. Well, here I am eleven months later, still standing, making changes to my life, and  pushing every day to build a great future for our daughter. 

So here it is, the poem that changed my life, and I hope and pray it will help you get through those tough days. 


Whenever I start to hang my head in front of failure’s face,
my downward fall is broken by the memory of a race.
A children’s race, young boys, young men; how I remember well,
excitement sure, but also fear, it wasn’t hard to tell.
They all lined up so full of hope, each thought to win that race
or tie for first, or if not that, at least take second place.
Their parents watched from off the side, each cheering for their son,
and each boy hoped to show his folks that he would be the one.

The whistle blew and off they flew, like chariots of fire,
to win, to be the hero there, was each young boy’s desire.
One boy in particular, whose dad was in the crowd,
was running in the lead and thought “My dad will be so proud.”
But as he speeded down the field and crossed a shallow dip,
the little boy who thought he’d win, lost his step and slipped.
Trying hard to catch himself, his arms flew everyplace,
and midst the laughter of the crowd he fell flat on his face.
As he fell, his hope fell too; he couldn’t win it now.
Humiliated, he just wished to disappear somehow.

But as he fell his dad stood up and showed his anxious face,
which to the boy so clearly said, “Get up and win that race!”
He quickly rose, no damage done, behind a bit that’s all,
and ran with all his mind and might to make up for his fall.
So anxious to restore himself, to catch up and to win,
his mind went faster than his legs. He slipped and fell again.
He wished that he had quit before with only one disgrace.
“I’m hopeless as a runner now, I shouldn’t try to race.”

But through the laughing crowd he searched and found his father’s face
with a steady look that said again, “Get up and win that race!”
So he jumped up to try again, ten yards behind the last.
“If I’m to gain those yards,” he thought, “I’ve got to run real fast!”
Exceeding everything he had, he regained eight, then ten…
but trying hard to catch the lead, he slipped and fell again.
Defeat! He lay there silently. A tear dropped from his eye.
“There’s no sense running anymore! Three strikes I’m out! Why try?
I’ve lost, so what’s the use?” he thought. “I’ll live with my disgrace.”
But then he thought about his dad, who soon he’d have to face.

“Get up,” an echo sounded low, “you haven’t lost at all,
for all you have to do to win is rise each time you fall.
Get up!” the echo urged him on, “Get up and take your place!
You were not meant for failure here! Get up and win that race!”
So, up he rose to run once more, refusing to forfeit,
and he resolved that win or lose, at least he wouldn’t quit.
So far behind the others now, the most he’d ever been,
still he gave it all he had and ran like he could win.
Three times he’d fallen stumbling, three times he rose again.
Too far behind to hope to win, he still ran to the end.

They cheered another boy who crossed the line and won first place,
head high and proud and happy — no falling, no disgrace.
But, when the fallen youngster crossed the line, in last place,
the crowd gave him a greater cheer for finishing the race.
And even though he came in last with head bowed low, unproud,
you would have thought he’d won the race, to listen to the crowd.
And to his dad he sadly said, “I didn’t do so well.”
“To me, you won,” his father said. “You rose each time you fell.”

And now when things seem dark and bleak and difficult to face,
the memory of that little boy helps me in my own race.
For all of life is like that race, with ups and downs and all.
And all you have to do to win is rise each time you fall.
And when depression and despair shout loudly in my face,
another voice within me says, “Get up and win that race!”

-Dr. D.H. “Dee” Groberg

What if you fly?

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

When I was in the first grade we were given an assignment to tell the class what we wanted to be when we grew up. I stayed up all night and I really couldn’t picture myself as anything other then myself doing everything. 

The next day, I told the teacher I wanted to try everything, she told me, I should be an Actress because I could be a cop, or a fireman, or a princess. Anything. “Kacie you can be anything.” She gave me my first role in a school play that year and it changed my life. 

What do I want to be when I grow up? Me. 

I just want to be me. As a writer I control what I write. What I put into the world is mine and mine alone. Thats the best part of being a writer I think. Sure, you are met with criticism on a daily basis but who cares. You have to live with you. They don’t have anything to do with your life. 

Anything you do in this life, do with your whole heart. I just watched this great documentary last night on Warren Buffet. He was teaching a class and said something to the effect of, “If you are payed to do what you want to do, you would always be happy. You would jump out of bed each morning with joy.” 

That was what I got out of what he said. That is not a direct quote, but very close to. 

I sat in bed thinking, thats what I want. I want to be a payed writer and every day I want to get out of bed, spend an amazing day with my family, and when my daughter naps, and is asleep at night, I will write. I will write anything that I want to write. 

There is this amazing quote by J.M. Barrie,written for Peter Pan,

“Just think of happy thoughts and then you’ll fly.”

I want my daughter to grow up and be anything she wants to be. I want her to be happy.

I watch critics shred apart people every day. I just watched E’s Fashion Police for the Academy Awards. I watched them scorn at how Nicole Kidman was dressed. I was appalled. One of the most beautiful women, and they are just ripping her apart. 

You know? DON’T BE THAT PERSON. Let’s lift each other up. If we spent more time lifting other people up we could accomplish incredible things in this world. The more you tear people down, the more likely they will fall. 

I will leave you with this…

“There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”
― Erin Hanson


Frankie's Malibu

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to tell you my first children Ebook is now available on both IBOOKS and at BLURB.COM . You can download to any device, IPAD, KINDLE, etc. 

for IBOOKS – http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1209780039

for BLURB- http://www.blurb.com/ebooks/616123-frankie-s-malibu-a-pku-friendly-adventure

-This is why I haven’t been able to get my Blog’s out as quickly as I’d like to this past month. 

As many of you know, our daughter Frankie was diagnosed with an extremely rare metabolic disease known as PKU. Her body doesn’t process protein. As a Mother and a writer, I searched for children’s book options for Metabolic Diseases and to my surprise there were slim to none. 

I was inspired to create something for these children, their families, and friends, that they could connect to. 

I want to inspire children like Frankie, to seek adventure in this amazing world, and to never let their personal struggles stand in their way…

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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to tell you my first children Ebook is now available on both IBOOKS and at BLURB.COM . You can download to any device, IPAD, KINDLE, etc. 

for IBOOKS – http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1209780039

for BLURB- http://www.blurb.com/ebooks/616123-frankie-s-malibu-a-pku-friendly-adventure

-This is why I haven’t been able to get my Blog’s out as quickly as I’d like to this past month. 

As many of you know, our daughter Frankie was diagnosed with an extremely rare metabolic disease known as PKU. Her body doesn’t process protein. As a Mother and a writer, I searched for children’s book options for Metabolic Diseases and to my surprise there were slim to none. 

I was inspired to create something for these children, their families, and friends, that they could connect to. 

I want to inspire children like Frankie, to seek adventure in this amazing world, and to never let their personal struggles stand in their way of living life to the fullest. 

These books are full of unique learning tools for young minds. Between learning to read, identifying wildlife, using their imagination, nutritional information, and travel. 

Thank you to all of you for your continued love and support. I hope you love this first book as much as we do, and continue to support education on metabolic diseases in our communities. That we can all have open minds and open hearts to families with special dietary requests. 




To sleep, or not to sleep? That is the Question. Answer: “Bitches Brew”

Wow, the lack of sleep is unreal. I know people warn you about it when you get pregnant. But man oh man, eleven months later, and… no, it hasn’t gotten better. Every night is a different story. 

So one of the reasons I haven’t been able to put blogs out faster is because I’ve just finished my first children’s book. I will reveal all at the end of week. It will be released first as an E-Book on amazon. I am absolutely thrilled about it. 

Lately though, Frankie has decided, if she is awake she needs me all of the time. No, I am not one of those parents that hovers over their child. Of course, I have her in my eye sight at all times, but I want her to be independent. But lately, she just wants Mommy to be next to her. Or if I’m editing on my computer, she is wrapped  around the bottom of my legs begging me to play. So I gave up on the idea of getting work done while she is in her playtime. 

So when she goes to bed, its adult time, where I pour myself a glass of wine. I do laundry, dishes, clean up, whatever, and then finally sit down and illustrate and write my children’s book. So I’m up  every night until midnight. 

So I am running on about five hours of sleep each day. No, it’s not healthy. Yes, this is the reality. My husband works crazy hours so he is little to no help on the sleep issue.

So Coffee, has become my best friend.”Bitches Brew” to be specific. 

Glass of wine at night, and a cup of Bitches Brew in the morning and I am good to go. Sort of. No, I am not making up the name. Thats what the coffee is called. The brand is called Groundwork. Go get some. It’s delicious, and the slap in the face you need in the morning. 

So yes, this blog isn’t supposed to be inspiring. It’s supposed to be a hug. I’m letting you know you aren’t the only tired person out in the world, trying to make it through their day, with a little bit of sanity. You are loved.

I’m giving you a hug and thoughtfully reminding you, I know. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. 

And trust me, “Bitches Brew” will get you through. Or at least help a little.  

Much Love. 

It’s a Small Big World

What a privilege it is to live in this incredible world. Sure there is a lot of crap that goes on but if you open your eyes to the world around us and the life we’ve been given. You might walk a little differently. A little perspective goes along way.

When our daughter was diagnosed with PKU we were terrified. No one understood what it felt like. We were walking this unknown path with a four day old baby. Everyone we reached out to had never heard of PKU. We were lost in a great big world.

We listened to our doctors, followed referrals and found ourselves at Children’s Hospital LA. I am not going to speak for that hospital in terms of other departments. I know they save families lives and do extraordinary things. But the Metabolic Department is practically nonexistent. I won’t go into the gritty details but we quickly transferred to UCLA and our quality of life was dramatically changed.

In the beginning all of our doctors were pushing us to join parent groups on places like Facebook, or meet up with other parents who have children with PKU. We simply weren’t ready. We felt pressured to open our house to strangers when all we wanted was to be able to find our own rhythm, and surround ourselves with family and friends.

Well here we are almost eleven months later. PKU is an extremely rare metabolic disease. I lean on God. I pray every day. Lately my prayer has been to bring a friend into my life that understands. I don’t know if you believe in God or not, but I will tell you this, if you do start believing, you won’t be so scared, and you won’t be lonely.

Well, I joined a couple groups on Facebook. Amazing communities of people. The world became a bit smaller for me. I could sympathize so much with those families. But here we are in Malibu and most of the families are spread out across the world.

Two months ago I was at my chiropractor and the front desk girl says to me, you won’t believe this, but another Mom who comes to see us has a daughter with PKU. My jaw dropped. I said, well maybe someday we will meet!

I left with this optimism thinking, there is another Mom like me that lives in my area who has a daughter with PKU?! And nerves crept in thinking. Oh no, I can’t force this to happen. She will think I’m weird for it. So I just put it in my prayers and said, I would really like to meet her if you can make that happen.

Well, two weeks ago I’m rushing out of my chiropractors office to get my doctor to her pediatrician. I’m checking out, and the receptionist says to me, “Kacie, this is _____,  this is the Mom I was telling you about.

I introduced myself right away. Frankie was in my arms, and pretty fussy because she wasn’t feeling well. We hit it off right away. I had an invitation to my daughters birthday with me that I handed to her and told her I would love to get coffee. Turns out her daughter is less than a month younger than Frankie. What are the chances?!!!!! Two girls day’s apart diagnosed with the same life long journey, and we live incredibly close to each other. Believe what you want to believe but PRAYERS WORK.

Tears built in her eyes as we spoke about our journey and I thought, wow, this woman knows. She knows this feeling of loneliness wondering our way through this crazy journey. Well, we’ve been texting and talking ever since. We are getting together today, and I just wanted to write this for anyone reading to let you know, you are NEVER ALONE.

I don’t know if you believe in God, but PRAYERS WORK. I mean it. If you struggle with loneliness, get out, meet people, explore. When you put what you want into the universe, it will happen for you. But you can’t sit at home and twiddle your thumbs and wait for the phone to ring. You have to get out and live. Put that stamp on the envelope and mail that letter! Apply to life. Buy that plane ticket. Ask that girl you always think about out to coffee. It’s just a coffee!!!!!! But maybe that coffee could change your quality of life forever.

You are stronger than you know! And I will say this one more time, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.

Much love, and off I go to meet another Mother and her daughter that could possibly be a wonderful, life long,  friendship.